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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Webpage change: after appropriate culling of duplicates and vestigial pages, web content is being transferred to:
This can also be accessed indirectly from my University web site: 

Please be patient and do not hesitate to communicate what you like (or do not) about the new (hopefully more intuitive) interface . . . and what you would like to see transferred sooner than later.   In this project -- as the parts change and the whole changes with them -- we can more fully experience the truth of last year's epigraph:

“Parts and wholes evolve in consequence of their relationship, and the relationship itself evolves. These are the properties of things that we call dialectical: that one thing cannot exist without the other, that one acquires its properties from its relation to the other, that the properties of both evolve as a consequence of their interpenetration (Levins and Lewontin 1985:3)​​​​​​

last update: last update: July 2, 2017


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