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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Spring Seminar - 2018​

In “ART & ORGANISM”  WE WILL look at ART from the BIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES of development, ecology, evolution, and physiology.   These perspectives will be connected to each other and to art in terms of cognitive neuropsychology.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology or University Studies 413
Tuesday 5:05 – 7:45
Hesler 427
Instructor, Neil Greenberg 
(Dept. Ecol. & Evol. Biol.; Email:

The EXPERIENCE of art and the EXPRESSION of art in all its forms can provide access to otherwise inaccessible aspects of consciousness and enable us to more fully integrate our several selves to better meet our most urgent adaptive needs as individuals and as a society. Art can catalyze CHANGE in us and in others at the most intimate levels, involving physical and psychological health bearing on biological fitness.

After a general introduction to the biological aspects of art and aesthetic experience, specific issues selected by participants will be explored and discussed in depth.

Spring 2017 will include (but is not limited to) discussions of diverse forms of art and states of consciousness, transformative art, and the biological needs and motives met by architecture and landscape design.





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