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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

eeb/psychol 370
June 2 - July 2
Tues, Thurs 5:00-8:15
Walters Life Science Bldg room 401

EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY AND ETHOLOGY (EP&E) will examine the biology of behavior from the perspectives of the four key biological disciplines that are integrated in its CAUSES and CONSEQUENCES.


Neil Greenberg
(WLS F239; 974-3599;
Contact / Office hours


  • TEXT: Principal text is on-line with links to relevant readings, and videos.
  • READINGS: specific research or review articles will be identified in class and at the assigned website
  • Viewing: Viewing: "The Trials of Life" video series is (narrated by David Attenborough) and complemented for specific topics by  "The Human Animal" video series (narrated by Desmond Morris, 1990)
  • EP&E web pages should be regarded as TEXT and as a reservoir of RESOURCES resembling specific topic blogs intended to help clarify and extend lectures. The pages are richly interconnected to enable and encourage a view of the interconnectedness of the topics and the means by which they are studied.
  • Vocabulary and concepts that should be mastered will be provided in lecture and then mirrored at the appropriate page after class discussion.


QUIZZES / EXAMS = There will be frequent short quizzes (25%) and a cumulative on-line final (35%). A "DEEP paper" can replace the cumulative final OR be applied to EC IF its scholarship and completeness earns a minimum grade of B+ (see below)

GROUP PAPER = corresponds to a "large quiz" 10% of final grade : select an interdisciplinary topic from list provided (or nominate a topic of your own) and work with 3-4 other classmates to prepare an analysis of the topic in "DEEP" terms. Minimum length, 6 pages (est 1500 words)

CHECK-INS = 15% of final grade (comments, written or verbal, during class time about personal experiences of course content, including, "what stands out for you?"

POP-UPS = 15% of final grade (questions that emerge spontaneously during lecture or discussion). Several pop-up are likely and the best three grades will be counted. Additional pop-ups will be applied as "extra credit" IF their scholarship and completeness earns a minimum grade of B+

PAPER (OPTIONAL) = alternative to final exam (35%) OR extra credit (15%). 2000 word minimum "DEEP analysis" of a specific behavioral pattern of your choice. PAPER (if you choose to write one) is DUE by midnight, Tuesday, June 30 (may be attached to e-mail in MS Word format or Adobe PDF). TEMPLATE (rubric) for DEEP paper / Grading checklist with minimum requirements outlined.

EXTRA CREDIT = maximum of 20% earned through "extra" high quality (B+ or better) POP-UPS and/or OPTIONAL "DEEP PAPER". (pop-ups are questions that emerge spontaneously during class are not available on-line)

Please read the Provost's Statement on CIVILITY, INTEGRITY, and DISABILITY SERVICES


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